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Wednesday, 21 October 2015, a group which assisted by Volunteer Alliance for Saving the Nature (ARuPA), that is Lidah Tani in Blora, Central Java visited by students of History Faculty Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. The visit is a field lecture which involved 30 students.

The field lecture which is held until Thursday, 22 October 2015 has a goal that is to learn how does the life of Samin society which exist in Blora, especially in Randublatung and Klopoduwur.

The enthusiasm of the students itself is fairly high. It is seen from their enthusiasm on the discussion with Lidah Tani Organizer until late of night. On the discussion, Lidah Tani Organizer told many things about the cause of the polemic with Perhutani.

When the students asked about the violence experienced by Randublatung people, the students confessed that they were surprised. One of them is Kevin Rinangga Adriyan. Student of 2013 force, confessed that this is the first time he heard those directly.

According to Kevin, this violence case happened because Perhutani gives more priority for profit or economy. “They should have realized that a society has their own tradition or culture on preserving forest. Not like reported on the news, where the community (regarded-Red) did illegal logging,” He explained.

When He heard that there is an activity done by ARuPA on handling those violence cases, Kevin gave big appreciation.

“In my opinion, it is one of good solution to solve that problem because not all the community in Java understand and know about law and politics concerning about those case. But in simple words, they only understand on limited range. This program could assist and develop them so that they know about law and politics,” He said.

Meanwhile, after Paralegal training, the assistance activity from ARuPA for the farmers in Blora is still continued. This time, the assistance is focused on Lidah Tani Organization assistance. The assistance process is started to be scheduled on Lidah Tani monthly meeting which held on the beginning of this October.

On that monthly meeting, Lidah Tani Organizer planned to put the materials which got on Paralegal Training into the Organization work plan. Furthermore, they also planned to make special training to all Lidah Tani member, especially for the group coordinator of Lidah Tani working area. It is expected that the materials which have been conveyed, could be spread to all members.

On the meeting, it was also discussed the preparation of Lidah Tani Organization on the continued training which will be held in the short future.

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