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After got the Judicial Monitoring trainning on November 2015, now accompaniment from Volunteers Alliance for Saving the Nature (ARuPA) for the violence case around the forest in area   Blora, Central Java is continues. On this time, ARuPA do the assistance about  the subject  that has been obtained by “ Lidah Tani” group on that trainning.

The assistance itself was done on the end of December 2015,  due the same date with the internal meetings of “Lidah Tani” Organization, it’s deeply discuss about food sovereignty program that they had been accepted from the Ministry of Agriculture.

In this internal meetings, The administrators of “Lidah Tani” Organization have a plan to put the material that they got during the trainning on the group work program. This is done in purpose to make the legal education can be more prevalent to all parts of the base of “Lidah Tani” Organization. That trainning Itself planned to be much filled with standard rights of suspects and many other materials

On the last  agenda of this internal meeting “Lidah Tani” Organization also made a data collection for their members. Their members is increase from 300 family Heads become 737 family Heads.

Next, after this assistance, AruPA will held Progressive law trainning on this January 2016.

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