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On Thursday, 26 Nopember 2015 until Friday, 27 Nopember 2015,  ARuPA held a workshop of Judiciary Monitoring Environmental court in Blora, Central Java. The workshop was held for two days involves the members of Lidah Tani organization from Blora and Grobogan, Central Java.

The background of this activity, comes from the criminal justice system practice in Indonesia that is often for not being consistent between the normative rules and it’s implementation. For example, in a case of arrest and detention by the police, the suspect is often to be arrested without legal document. This is contradiction with Law of Criminal procedure or usually called “Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Acara Pidana (KUHAP)”

In some cases, that phenomena caused by the pragmatics of the officers who want to simplify the process, on the other hand the officer s actually sacrifice the suspects rights.

Besides the other cause is the officer mentality that can be bought. In public perception, this phenomenon can be identified as “judicial mafia”. It meaning, there is a manipulation practice process and judicial substance by law enforcer whether it is from the police process to the court decision that come from the intervention that having a concern for deceiving the justice, according to that problem ARuPA organization held this workshop to build critical thinking and build their capacity, related the potential of deviate judiciary practical in environmental case that affect Tani organization members

ARuPA, in this workshop bring the experienced speaker, as Totok Dwi Diantoro S.H., M.A, LL.M, Zahru Argom, S.H., M.H.Lit and Sukarman. S.H.. They give subjects in that workshop such as “Deviation in investigation and prosecution” and “the strategy in faced with law”.

The participants look enthusiastic in this workshop. They share the problem with the facilitator especially the cases which they have faced.

ARuPA is going to do the assistance process to share the knowledge that the other members have obtained especially the advocacy division in each job area of Lidah Tani Blora.

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